It is a powerful and creative way to draw people's attention and bring public spaces to life. This media also allows to involve the target population in the realization of projects, obtaining another level of complicity and involvement between people and the reason to be treated.

Obô/Ôvyô a Singular Treasure to Protect

This mural represents some of the emblematic species of São Tomé and Príncipe, some of them endemic to this country. "A Singular Treasure to Protect" is the slogan of the awareness campaign * Obô-Ôvyô, which aims to bring the rich and unique biodiversity of the country closer to the local population, without neglecting the correct management and exploitation of STP's natural resources . The work covers the exterior façade of the offices of BirdLife, Oikos and the Responsável e Sustentável de São Tomé e Príncipe Tourism Platform, in the city of São Tomé. * Local word that gives its name to the Natural Park of São Tomé and Príncipe respectively

Action against trash in Guiné Bissau

This project was one more action framed within the awareness campaign “Nô Okinka di Mar” (Our queen bijagó of the sea), dedicated to the conservation of the marine turtles of Guinea-Bissau. With the help of more than 200 volunteers, the goal was to remove as much garbage as possible from Guienese shores within a maximum period of two weeks. During the clean-ups, the teams of volunteers spread posters and invited the citizens to take part. Simultaneously, a team of 13 people would dedicate themselves to transforming part of that garbage into a mural that would appeal to common sense when generating inorganic garbage.

Conservation on board

Through the collaboration of numerous fishermen on the island of São Tomé, it was possible to identify the different areas of greatest ecological importance for the preservation of the different populations of sea turtles existing in the country. In gratitude for their cooperation in collecting data during their work, the volunteers were presented with a sail completely personalized to each one's taste, among other materials. This type of initiative also helps to reinforce the links between the local population and conservation organizations, as well as to encourage good practices for the preservation of marine resources among the fishing community.

5 walls 1 message

This initiative was born from our need to know and integrate in each of the coastal communities on the island of São Tomé with the longest commercial tradition of sea turtle meat and eggs. All residents were invited to be inspired by the marine environment to participate in the creation of each of the murals. The finished pieces would end up framing all these marine representations with the name of the respective community. Each mural exhibits its own identity in each dwelling and indicates the connection that exists between the ocean and their people.

Bubaque Market

The Bijagós islands are recognized for being one of the places with the highest density of green turtle nesting sites on the planet. In this biosphere reserve, where turtle consumption is heavily culturally charged, conservation efforts continue to be a necessity. The mural was one of the activities among all those that the NGO Programa Tatô organized, together with the I.B.A.P., during training sessions that took place mainly on the island of Bubaque, Bijagó’s capital. The mural was a workshop with which the Guinean team had the opportunity to learn to analyze the context, develop a concept and invite the locals to participate in an activity that, in this case, would transform the market, appreciating that a great deployment of means or material is not necessary to develop accurate awareness actions.