Video marketing represents one of the most used promotional strategies today. The audiovisual format has managed to migrate from the traditional media to the universe of digital platforms, where advertisements, video clips or micro-reports also become very useful conservation tools. This type of format facilitates the transmission of ideas and generates interest in users, in a way that other types of media do not reach.

Video clips

The video clips of the conservation campaign "Mém di Omali" (Mother of the Sea) invite, in a playful and festive way, to the preservation of sea turtles as the natural resource that they are. Since the beginning of this awareness campaign in 2016, music has also served as a transmitter to get the message across to all the people of São Tomé and Príncipe.


The audiovisual format allows to easily convey any idea in a more explicit way. A simple presentation can gain another dimension, and better persuade the audience, if accompanied by image and sound. In this case, a problem is exposed and a solution proposed, conditional on the success of a fundraising campaign also presented in the same video. In a few months it was possible to collect all the funds necessary to fulfill this purpose

A video in which a specific project or activity is briefly explained also serves as a support when presenting results to third parties. In conferences, reports, talks or simply for its digital dissemination in mail-marketing and social networks.


Whether to disseminate a project, an event, a brand or simply an idea, advertisements play a fundamental role in supporting the positioning and acceptance of any trend. They bring us closer to our public and make them know, in a simple and direct way, the benefits that are presented to them. It is useless to have the best arguments if we do not ensure that they reach the audience well.